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Africa is a region of considerable migration, voluntary and compelled, but its virile young population, regional integration initiatives, the increasing engagement of the Diasporas in country-of-origin development and huge remittance flows are positive signs that well managed, migration can be a win-win-win game to migrants as well as origin and destination countries, communities and families.

In the African context, capacity building of officials dealing with migration matters at national and sub-regional levels is critical and urgent. So is the need to train a core of young researchers in collecting up-to-date information on migration that will be factored into the data gathering procedures. The reality is also that very few researchers are engaged in migration studies; these are scattered and do not network.

In June, 1998, a meeting of African migration researchers was held in Gaborone, Botswana, under the auspices of UNESCO with the aim of establishing a network among researchers. Adepoju was charged with the responsibility to identify and invite the researchers, and prepare the meeting and relevant background documents. Twelve researchers participated in the two-day meeting during which the modalities for setting up a “Network of Migration Research on Africa (NOMRA)”, its structure and activities were discussed, with Professor Aderanti Adepoju as its coordinator. The defunct network is now being resuscitated; migration matters in the region remain topical, perhaps more than when  the idea of NOMRA was floated, and to date, there is no region-wide network of migration researchers.


Membership: Two types of membership are envisaged: institutional membership and individual membership. Membership is open to African researchers working in Africa, as well as the Diaspora, and Africanists, research centres and institutions in developed countries working on Africa migration issues. Special efforts will be made to recruit and involve female researchers.

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