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Migration Within and From Africa: Shared policy challenges for Africa and for Europe

The global migration and refugee crisis of 2015/2016 has made it increasingly clear that the challenges associated with growing cross-border mobility cannot adequately be dealt with at national levels alone. There is a great need for a better understanding of the regional and global context for migration and related policy strategies. With this research overview, Delmi aims to examine migration policy developments in Africa, a continent which has historic ties with and increasing importance for Europe.

What are the main migration patterns within Africa? What are the main drivers of migration? What political initiatives to manage international migration within and from Africa have been developed and what forms of cooperation have been tested among African countries? Which conclusions can we draw from developments in this part of the world, and how could the EU and Sweden assist Africa to find sustainable approaches to cross-border mobility?

These are some of the questions that this study reflects upon. It is written by Prof. Aderanti Adepoju, one of Africa’s leading migration scholars. Prof. Adepoju is the co-ordinator of the Network of Migration Research on Africa and Chief Executive of the Human Resources Development Centre in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Book Review: What Scholars are Saying about the Book – Seeking Greener Pastures Abroad: A Migration Profile of Nigeria

Seeking Greener Pastures Abroad: A Migration Profile of Nigeria by Aderanti Adepoju and Arie van der Wiel is most informative and illuminating on a subject that had tended to provoke negative reaction because of the media images of desperate young men and women seeking to migrate out of the country without the requisite documentation or skills

‒Professor Akin Mabogunje

Seeking Greener Pastures Abroad: A Migration Profile of Nigeria is an authoritative volume of up to date information on the ‘who’, ‘why’ and ‘with what results’ of international migrations from Nigeria and their implication for Nigeria’s socio economic and political development.

‒Paulina Makinwa Adebusoye Professor and former Director, UN/Economic Commission for Africa

It is amazing the amount and detail of data sourced for the book in a country where access to up-to-date data is a regular complaint by researchers and policy makers. This book is a timely, detailed account of migration dynamics and migrants from Nigeria, Africa’s demographic giant.

‒Professor Annelies Zoomers University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

The book is compelling. A major contribution of the authors is that they frame the discussion in the context of current international debates on migration.

‒Ibrahim Awad Ph.D  Director, International Migration Programme, International Labour Organisation (ILO), Geneva

Seeking Greener Pastures Abroad: A Migration Profile of Nigeria is available. Orders can be placed through NOMRA

Phone: 234 (0) 8023061845; (0)8034881727; (0)702861966


Migration Dynamics, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa


On 19 September the United Nations General Assembly hosted its first ever High-Level Summit to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and coordinated approach to addressing the worst refugee crisis since the end of WWII.  The summit provided an historic opportunity to develop a blueprint for a better international response. On the occasion of this meeting, UNAI asked researches at UNAI member institutions to submit articles highlighting their research and its implications in helping to solve this issue. Through this series, UNAI hopes to provide an understanding of refugee/migrant flows to its readers, highlight the importance of addressing refugee and migration flows in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and showcase the work of professors and researchers at UNAI institutions.

OP-Ed by Professor Adepoju: Migration – a mixed blessing

image Professor Aderanti Adepoju has done research on migration for 43 years, and is the director for the Human Resources Development Centre in Laos, Nigeria. On the 12th of September, Delmi will release his report, Migration within and from Africa: Challenges and solutions after the EU-Africa Valletta Summit

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Interview with Professor Adepoju: EU should focus more on regional governance in Africa

World Humanitarian Day 2013: Central African Republic

Migration is a priority issue all the way from Oslo to Cape Town, so the EU and Africa need to work together more effectively in order for it to be better managed in the future. Aderanti Adepoju describes how this can be done.

Professor Aderanti Adepoju is the founder and coordinator of the Network of Migration Research on Africa (NOMRA).

At present, over 31 million Africans are migrants who live outside the country of their birth, the majority within the African continent itself. In 2015, about 14% of arrivals in Europe were African migrants.

Several migrant related events in recent years, most notably perhaps the April 2015 shipwreck that claimed the lives of 800 Africans off the coast of Italy, have significantly raised the discourse on migration to centre stage in both public and political arenas, leading to the Valletta Euro-Africa Summit in November 2015.

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